Below you can watch video’s of the highlights of our journey!

Have the video’s motivated you? Do you have a green thumb and enjoy working outside but would like to do more for our planet? Then we need you! You can sign up as a volunteer by sending us an email to:

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Our new planting machine!

Fortunately, thanks to our sponsors, we have acquired a new planting machine. With the help of this amazing machine we are able to plant even faster, easier and more efficiently. Planting trees has never been so easy! We are therefore more than happy with it! Watch this video to see how this machine will help us.

Trip 2 trimming the grass

This video shows our volunteers who went to the forest to trimm the grass. This is necessary, because the weeds will otherwise crowd out the young trees and they will die. After about two years, the little trees are tall enough to survive.

First 3.000 trees have been planted!

The Green Core made a dream come true. We planted 3.000 tress on our land. All we had was our passion, 6 shovels, 3.000 trees and 6 volunteers. Watch this video to see our first tree being planted!