Our forest

Recypack officially purchased land to develop our first forest! The first 3.000 trees have already been planted.

Recypack is the first company in Europe with land in private ownership. The land is based in France, Bretagne. There are twelve plots of land with a total of eight hectares. We are one step closer to reach our goal.

The trees and the forest are managed by The Green Core Foundation.

Recypack strives for a natural forest and no commercial forest. This means that a mixed forest will be planted where biodiversity will be pursued.

Part of the forest that is to be developed is that the forest will also serve as a resting place, coverage area and food place for the local animal life. Which means that there will be worked with species that are considered natural in the region.

See here what the forest looks like at this moment.

Recypack donates a tree in your name.

In this way we help to make the world a little better. Together.

As a customer you are very important to us. That is why we would like to involve you in the Recypack forest. Together we make the world a bit better, by planting the forest and creating ecosystems.

Trees provide protection, purify the air from the greenhouse gas CO2, produce oxygen, supply wood and prevent dehydration and erosion of the soil.

With every order, from € 999, -, at Recypack you automatically donate a tree to The Green Core Foundation. That will be planted on your behalf in our special Recypack forest. Each tree donated by you contributes to our goal of being able to deliver CO2 neutral to you. That is doing business with a clear conscience!

Every tree you donate to the Green Core Foundation is registered in your name and linked to your order number and is therefore traceable. You will receive a tree plant certificate as proof of your donation.

The Recypack forest is freely accessible, so you can always visit it to enjoy the extra piece of nature that has been made possible thanks to your donation.

All trees made available thanks to your donation and Recypack. The forest is managed by The Green Core Foundation.

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