The Green Core is an initiative of Recypack.

Recypack’s mission is to develop and improve smarter, more sustainable packaging and packaging solutions that provide immediate benefits.

As the first sustainable packaging company in Europe (since 2010), the environment has always been a high priority for us.

Although worldwide paper and cardboard is recycled more than 75% (source: Paper Recycling Netherlands Foundation), in the Netherlands this percentage is already 85%, it is important to know where the product comes from, how stressful the production is and what it means for the waste environment.


All the way.

In 2014, Recypack agreed to be completely CO2 neutral within three years. We decided that we want to compensate for all driven mileage with cars from our account management team, all driven miles to deliver the goods to you, both pallet orders and packages; and all the kilometers our employees drive from – and to the office / warehouse.

We are happy to tell you that we are on track to reach our CO2 neutral goal!

Building a forest.


Why is Recypack building a forest?

Forest are often referred to as the lungs of our planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing life sustaining oxygen.

What is generally not realised is that they also contribute to and maintain many more of earth’s life sustaining systems, such as: water, carbon, nitrogen and nutrient cycles; watershed management; biodiversity; and soil health. A tree gives life.

We believe that we can help our world by planting trees and creating forests. As a result, we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, help to restore water management, provide more biodiversity, food, rest and cover for animals and insects. In addition, trees stop erosion and dehydration of the earth.

In order to become completely CO2 neutral, Recypack will build a forest. A forest that you can visit and which you can support by doing business with Recypack.

Our favorite


As the first sustainable packaging company in Europe (since 2010), the environment has always been a high priority for us.

Recypack takes responsibility for the materials we have in our range and sell. First of all, each production company must sign our codes of conduct. This explains, according to the sustainability guidelines, that our production companies respect and act on the People, Planet and Profit. We do not sell materials that are produced by child labor or products that are poorly produced environmentally.