We’re building a forest. Together.

Forests are often referred to as the lungs of our planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing life sustain oxygen.

What is generally not realized is that they also contribute to and maintain many more of earth’s life sustaining systems, such as: water, carbon, nitrogen and nutrient cycles; watershed management; biodiversity; and soil health. A tree gives life.

According to the WWF (2017) almost half of the original forests on earth have already disappeared. A small part (10%) of the remaining forest is protected. Nearly 8.8 million hectares of natural forest disappear every year. That is more than twice the Netherlands. The remaining forests (also parts of the protected forest!) Are threatened by deforestation.

We believe that we can help our world by planting trees and creating forests. As a result, we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, help to restore water management, provide more biodiversity, food, rest and cover for animals and insects. In addition, trees stop erosion and dehydration of the earth.

In order to become completely CO2 neutral in 2018, Recypack will build a forest. A forest that you can visit and which you can support by doing business with Recypack.

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