Sustainable Packaging

How sustainable is the Recypack product line?

Recypack takes responsibility for the materials we have in our range and sell. First of all, each production company must sign our codes of conduct. This explains, according to the sustainability guidelines, that our production companies respect and act on the People, Planet and Profit. We do not sell materials that are produced by child labor or products that are poorly produced environmentally.

Insights in the production chain

However, this responsibility contains more than that. We want to provide everyone with insight into what environmental impact of packaging material is. This happens from source material, eventually the production to the packaging materials ends up on the waste.

Recycling of material

Although paper and cardboard is recycled more than 75% (source: Paper Recycling Netherlands Foundation), and in the Netherlands this percentage is already 85%, it is important to know where the product comes from, how stressful the production is and what it means for the waste environment.

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