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Forests are often referred to as the lungs of our planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing life sustain oxygen.

What is generally not realized is that they also contribute to and maintain many more of earth’s life sustaining systems, such as: water, carbon, nitrogen and nutrient cycles; watershed management; biodiversity; and soil health. A tree gives life.

Donate a tree, how?

When you order with us, we plant a tree for you in our special Recypack forest. We plant an extra tree for you when you order amount is above € 495, – at once. That way we both make the world a little better. Together.

What happens with your donated tree?

Because creating a forest is a large-scale operation and therefore we have to cumulate all single donated trees. We have to find land, make drafts, design the forest, build fences, plant trees, protect the trees against animal life, have to farm it, and look to it that the trees can grow unharmed into a forest for over the next 60 years (at least).

Every single donated tree will be registered o name and order number and therefore is traceable to the donator.

Does Recypack also donate trees?

Recypack declared that it will reserve a significant part of the profit after interest and before tax in The Green Core Foundation. In addition, Recypack wants to become CO2 neutral, and planting trees is an important way to realize this goal. Every planted tree contributes to CO2 reduction.

Can I see my tree?

Yes, you can. Maybe not direct but at the end you can. Do the forest will be designed as a habitat for wildlife it will be open for public. All donated trees will be planted and you will be informed when your tree is planted as a part of a planted tree batch. You also receive a map where your planted tree- as a part of a planted batch- is located. You are free to visit the marked spot on the map where your donated tree should be in. The forest will be realized in West-Europe.

Will my tree become 60 years old?

For building a forest you need many trees. And to get a full-grown forest with around 600 adult trees per hectare we might have to start foresting about 2500/3000 trees for it. So maybe trees will die before they get big. As a part of foresting a forest it even necessary to cut some trees to let neighbors’ trees grow better.

What kind of trees are planted?

Different considerations and decisions are required for each destination plan: Which tree species are adapted to the location? Should a mixed forest be justified? Is the goal more accessible through natural rejuvenation or afforestation? What dimension and quality do I hope to deliver?

Recypack strives for a natural forest and no commercial forest. This means that a mixed forest will be planted where biodiversity will be pursued. Part of the forest that is to be developed is that the forest will also serve as a resting place, coverage area and food place for the local animal life. Which means that there will be worked with species that are considered natural in the region. A

Who will manage and supervise the forest?

Our goal is to work with as many volunteers as possible under the supervision of professionals. We also want to contact these professionals on a voluntary basis as much as possible. A supervisory board will monitor whether the objectives are being pursued. The Supervisory Board will be composed of professional specialists. The following disciplines will be represented in the Supervisory Board; Forest and Nature Conservation, Fauna and Wildlife Management, a Recypack representative and the landowner.

How do I know if this forest will not be used as a profit commercial forest?

The land is privately owned. The donated trees and the funds made available by Recypack are managed via The Green Core foundation. Upon purchase of the land, the landowner will be contractually obliged to leave the forest at rest for at least 60 years. In 60 years the intended CO2 compensation will have to be realized. Obviously, there will be interim forest management to achieve a healthy forest. This could well mean that because of good forest management specific trees should be removed. However, this will only be determined by independent experts.

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