Our next forest!

Our next forest!

We have decided that the 2.000 trees that will be planted in November 2020 will be planted on forest 1.

During our last visit we looked at the possibilities to plant trees on forest 1. This land is in a watery area. A riverbank runs through it, which in the winter fills with water. We have to take this into account when choosing trees. That is why we chose a combination of oak, birch and alder trees. These trees absorb water well and are resistant to wet roots.

We have built a small community of helpers in France that support and believe in The Green Core. One of them is our local farmer that has helped us tremendously the last time and is looking forward to plough the land and get the ground loose for us this year.

Do you have a green thumb and enjoy working outside but would you like to do more for our planet? Then we need you! Because our Recypack forest needs care and attention from loving volunteers.

You can sign up as a volunteer by sending us a message on this website or on our Facebook or LinkedIn page.

We hope to hear from you soon!