New planting machine for our forest!

Together with our volunteers and sponsors, we have already achieved many great things with our forest. It is great to see how it is growing and developing more and more. You can see it is really starting to live.

Having our own forest is very unique, but its maintenance requires a lot of time, attention and preparations. We are planning to plant more than tens of thousands of trees and this is no easy task if we do this by hand.

Fortunately, thanks to our sponsors, we have acquired a new planting machine. With the help of this amazing machine we are able to plant even faster, easier and more efficiently. Planting trees has never been so easy! We are therefore more than happy with it!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer, visit our website, buy a tree or do business with Recypack. Together we strive for a better environment and a more sustainable world! 

Thank you for reading this article! In our next blog you will read about a new change that Recypack is making, that will reduce 6% of the total CO2 emissions!