New changes: 6% CO2 reduction with new heat pump

We are very happy to announce that we will have a brand-new heat pump installation at our headquarter office this June. This will help us to reduce 6% of our CO2 emission and step by step come closer to reach our goal of becoming completely CO2 neutral! Isn’t that wonderful!

With a heat pump we are able to heat our office and provide hot water in an environmentally friendly way. It also provides ventilation. A heat pump draws its energy entirely from nature, for example the ground or air, and is therefore no longer dependent on gas.

It is considered a sustainable alternative to the gas-fired central heating boiler and with this tool Recypack will be able lead to reduce the CO2 emission with no less than 6% How amazing is that! With this installation we will be even closer to obtaining our goal!

Next month we will start with this project and we expect to spend 4 weeks renovating our office.

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Thank you for reading this article! Our next blog is about a recent great achievement of Recypack: Reduction of 36% of the CO2 emission!