EU countries increase sustainable energy targets by 2030

The EU member states and the European Commission want 20 percent of all generated energy to be sustainable by 2030. They want it to be easier for households and businesses to generate energy.
The European Commission announces this “ambitious political agreement” on Thursday.

The new target is higher than the aim that the committee had proposed at the end of 2016. Brussels then pleaded for a 27 percent share. The European Parliament wanted an even higher percentage of renewable energy: 35 percent.

The agreements contribute to the goals in the climate agreement in Paris and the EU’s ambition to become number one in the field of sustainability worldwide.

The new target applies to the whole EU, the member states have to submit individual plans on stating how they will contribute. In general, it should be easier for both individuals and businesses in the EU to generate energy. In addition, palm oil as a biofuel must disappear from 2023 onwards.

Read the artikel of the European Commission here.

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