Certified? Oh yes! Part II

Last week we told you that social responsibility is an important aspect of our business operations. We take responsibility for the effects of our business activities on people, the environment and business activities.

We will now tell you about our ISO 26000 quality system.

ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is the international standard developed to help organizations effectively assess and address those social responsibilities that are relevant and significant to their mission and vision; operations and processes; customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders; and environmental impact.

The ISO 26000 standard provides guidance on:

  • The seven key underlying principles of social responsibility: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behavior, and respect for human rights
  • Recognizing social responsibility and engaging stakeholders
  • The seven core subjects and issues pertaining to social responsibility: organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement and development
  • Ways to integrate socially responsible behavior into the organization

In addition to providing definitions and information to help organizations understand and address social responsibility, the standard emphasizes the importance of results and improvements in performance on social responsibility.

Read more about ISO 26000 here.

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