A solution to climate change

Recycling carbon dioxide in the air and reuse it instead of adding more is a way to kill the climate change for good. There is a rising amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, so it is worth to develop this progress. However, the technology for this type of operation has been far too expensive for a long time. In a new study scientist found a way to keep costs down and achieve the same goals in the future.

The study explains how carbon dioxide can be pulled from the air and then be turned into fuel. By using this method, the transportation industry carbon footprint can significantly drop without disrupting existing vehicles.

Absorb carbon dioxide from the air

By using giant fans with an aqueous solution, carbon dioxide can be sucked out of the air. This is then prepped for other uses by heating and other chemical reactions and these are converted into fuels that can be used to make the transportation sector carbon-free.

The price for this operation

This technology of air capture has been around for a while. However this was originally expensive. It costs up to $ 1.000 for every ton of CO2 collected. This new study shows that the costs are just $94 to $ 232 per ton collected CO2. This is cheap enough for the technology to work for transportation, which is about 20 percent of the CO2 emissions in the world. 

Source: Nature World News.

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